Wright Guitar Introduces The Santa Fe and NightCat Electric Guitars

Santa Fe and The NightCat Electrics by Wright Guitar

SoloEtte Travel Guitar

We are very happy to offer a spectacular new design from Wright Guitar Technology. After thirty years of hand building the SoloEtte Travel Guitar, we have returned to the solid body electric guitar world. All the success and balance of our straight pull pegbox featured on the Jazz, DragonFly, Rhody, and Nylon SongBird are utilized on this USA handmade, chambered body, electric guitar. We will add features to this new design over time. Check in for updates about what we currently have in stock.

This NightCat is currently in stock and ready to ship. Features a Bocote fingerboard and matching pickguard.

We are offering two body styles for our Wright Guitar: The Santa Fe and The NightCat. Both of these guitars include a high performance, neck position humbucker. The nut width is 1.75" with a full scale length of 25.5" and measures 33" long. These guitars have 22 frets and a cutaway body that will allow extended access to the upper frets. As a full sized electric guitar, the chambered body is very light weight in your lap or standing with a strap. These guitars are a great addition to any jazz player's collection.

The Wright Guitars are currently being offered in Douglas Fir for the top body wood paired with a Hard Rock Maple back. We have a range of fingerboard woods available including Ebony, Pau Ferro, Maple, Padauk, Cocobolo, Wenge, and Bocote. We add a custom wood pickguard to every guitar that will match the fingerboard wood. We also use custom made David King wood knobs to add a lovely accent.

We are currently taking orders for custom builds using the Santa Fe or NightCat body style. Other wood options are available as well as pickup options. Please email us at soloette@soloette.com or call us at 541-343-0872/USA Toll Free 888-269-9177 for a consultation. The build time is 2-3 months.

Watch John Stowell play his Santa Fe.

Tuning from this end is probably the way it should have been all along, but was not available to standard stringed instruments when tone propagation from thin woods would be hampered by heavy tuning mechanisms. Due to the design of our guitars, the area behind the bridge is available for tuners. An electric guitar pegbox fits perfectly here, does not need to tilt back, and can be made stronger and thicker because the strings are spread wider. It is so nice to hold one string at the 5th fret and keep holding it while you tune the other string until it is perfect. Or tune while holding a chord and keep holding it with your left hand while you tune it.

The price is currently an introductory price for the handful of first issue instruments we have in stock. We are currently asking $3000.00 plus shipping. This price includes a custom made TKL hard shell case.

Rossco Wright is the owner of Wright Guitar Technology. As a boy, Rossco found he had a knack for fixing broken things. He discovered the guitar at age 14. By the age of 19, he was making a full time income repairing guitars for a major music industry distributor. He stayed in that intense learning opportunity for six more years before he opened his own guitar repair business at age 25.

Building custom guitars for his repair clientele punctuated a never ending flow of repair work for the next 25 years. While doing the warranty work for major guitar manufacturers, and questioning how things had gone wrong, he gained insight and fresh ideas. His analysis of why each guitar he repaired ended up broken in the first place led him to redesign the guitar so it would not break.

His embodiment of his improved design landed him in the travel guitar business as the inventor and builder of the SoloEtte guitar.

With a small team in Eugene, Oregon, he built more than 5,000 SoloEttes. He was able to contract a less expensive copy of his own guitar in order to protect his trademark no.2,401,468. That company made more than 25,000 licensed guitars using his design.

At age 64, Rossco presents his finest work in the form of these "Wright" Guitars.

Rossco's trademarked SoloEtte design now joins his trademarked pegbox design, no.4,767,088, in this line of Wright Guitars.

The finest quartersawn Hard Rock Maple neck wood and elegant hardwood fingerboard adorn the acoustic-chambered progressive body shape to produce a beautiful tone that stands right up on its own when plugged straight in to a nice amplifier. Listen to it with no effects. You can hear it. It's magic...turn it up!

Since 19 years old, Rossco Wright has done nothing else for a living but very fine, professional guitar work. His fretwork and neck carving is the best there is. His sensitivity and accuracy for this pursuit may come from his relentless effort to play guitar at a high level for the rest of his life, although he is the first to admit that his talent clearly, and profoundly, lies as a technician...and...by the way...fly fisherman, bird watcher, tree lover, night sky astronomer, husband, and father.

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While Playing

In Case


33 inches (83.5cm) 40 inches (101.6cm)

Body Size

Upper Bout is 11 inches (28cm)

Lower Bout is 14 inches (35.6cm)

16 inches at lower bout (40.6cm)


Body wood is 1 inch     (2.54cm)     4 inches (10cm)


7 pounds (2.72Kg) 14 pounds (4.08Kg)

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