Little Thumper Nylon String Bass Model Specifications

Fretted Model:

Fretless Model:

The Little Thumper is a nylon string, 27 inch scale electric bass that weighs all of 3 � pounds. This featherweight is the answer to a long sought, shorty/side kick for the bass player on the go. It is instantly playable by seasoned, dedicated 34 inch scale length devotees as well as guitar players.

The magic here is the symbiotic relationship of the big, octave lower, nylon classical guitar style strings in concert with the mysterious pickup. Our SoloEtte pickup is our own invention that we have used on thousands of guitars. This combination enables a well-muscled, sweet, deep warmth that growls and thumps. All this comes in a very light-weight, easy to carry, and virtually unbreakable format.

The sound in headphones is not just a secondary feature for the Little Thumper. The superb stage voice of this performance instrument is almost eclipsed by the awesome deep stereo sound in the headphones. A player will use their headphones the majority of the time for practice and composition and then walk it right on stage. All of this and the added advantage of a disassembling frame that comes apart to fit in a compact carrying case.

Click HERE for an audio demo of the Little Thumper Fretless model.

We have used our SongBird body design to provide a solid, stable bass that is one solid piece of Hard Rock Maple. This design will allow stability during travel across climates.

The Frame is solid aluminum rod covered w/ black polyurethane tubing.

The Electronics use a 9 volt battery with an easy access battery door.

There are two output jacks as well as volume and tone controls.

Click Here to purchase the Little Thumper Fretless Bass factory direct

Click Here to purchase the Little Thumper Fretted Bass factory direct


While Playing

In Case


33 inches (83.5cm) 35-1/2 inches (90cm)


5 inches w/o frame (12.7cm)

Full Size w/ frame

10 inches (25cm)


Wood body is 15/16th     (23 mm)     4 to 5 inches


3 pounds (1.36Kg) 4 pounds (1.8Kg), w/extra strings, battery, and headphones in case

Scale Length

27 inches (685.8mm)

27 inches (685.8mm)

Nut Width

1.562" (=1-9/16" or 39.69mm)

1.562" (=1-9/16" or 39.69mm)

Spacing At Saddle

2.25 inches (57.15mm)

2.25 inches (57.15mm)

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