Steel String Guitar Specifications

Wright Guitar Technology has retired all our steel string SoloEtte models including the Rhody, the Jazz, and the DragonFly. Rossco Wright, the inventor of the SoloEtte and the owner of Wright Guitar Technology, is ready to focus on building his solid body Wright Electric Guitars. These are fantastic performance electric guitars that feature our trademarked straight pull pegbox. Here is Rossco playing his very own Santa Fe Electric Guitar. The Santa Fe and the NightCat utilize all the strengths of the SoloEtte travel guitars-only without the frame.

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The Rhody

DragonFly Electric

SongBird Jazz


While Playing

In Case


33 inches 36 inches


6 3/16 inches at widest body point

Full Size w/ frame

11 inches


1" inch thick at thickest point 4 to 5 inches


4 1/2 pounds (1.9Kg) 6 1/8 pounds (2.78Kg), w/ extra strings,
battery, and headphones in case

Scale Length

25 1/2 inches

Nut Width

1-3/4 inches


At Saddle

2 3/16 inches

Available Factory Direct only


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