Steel String Guitar Specifications

Wright Guitar Technology is proud to offer our SongBird and our DragonFly Steel String guitars for practicing acoustic and performing electric guitar players. Wright Guitar was a guitar repair and custom shop for 25 years before inventing the SoloEtte. When luthier Rossco Wright designed his idea of a good guitar he wanted something that he would not have to repair. The SoloEtte line of guitars eliminate the use of thin woods to minimize cracking or warping due to extreme travel conditions. We have used our trademarked frame design on the SongBird and DragonFly with deep cutaway access to upper frets. Here is Rossco playing his own DragonFly at our local Jazz Station.

The Rhody

The Rhody SoloEtte

The Rhody is our most recent addition to our innovative line of lightweight, disassembling frame design guitars. The Rhody is a fantastic travel companion for anyone who wants to practice every day while on the road. Since SoloEtte guitars are accepted by airlines as a carry-on, this portable, full-scale guitar will allow you to leave your favorite acoustic or electric guitar at home. The Rhody's silent practice feature allows you to play a few scales or a quick tune while waiting for a flight. You can also work on your technique quietly at a hotel or at home without disturbing neighbors or loved ones. The mono output will plug into any amp for either solo or ensemble performance. Weighing in at only 3.5lbs, this guitar is great for backpacking, bicycle trips, or for a daily commute by bus, train, or ferry. We have carried our single piece design over to the Rhody for added stability during travel across climates. We have chosen the hard tonewood Padauk for the striking color and stability. The brilliant cinnamon red reminds us of our favorite Pacific Northwest flowering shrub, the rhododendron or "Rhody." The Rhody has a 1.75" nut width, a full 25.5" scale length, and a 16" radiused fingerboard that continues onto the body. There are 22 jumbo frets and a full set of abalone side and face dots. We have used our SongBird frame that includes a lower cutaway for easy access to the upper frets. Our normal set up includes 12 gauge strings, but heavier or lighter string gauges are available upon request. We have provided easy access to the truss rod as well as a customized truss rod wrench for action adjustments. The Rhody utilizes our straight-pull pegbox design that improves tuning and string alignment. With a true stereo headphone jack for silent practice and a mono jack for performance, this is the ideal guitar for any acoustic or electric player who needs the exceptional playability of a full size, handmade guitar that will also stand up to the rugged abuse of an active lifestyle.

The Price: $1045.00 plus shipping. Click Here to purchase The Rhody factory direct

The Pickup is of our own design. It consists of a hollow tube with electronics and baffles inside. This tube forms the saddle. The strings vibrate the air inside the tube which gives it a rounder sweeter sound than piezo style pickups. It is stereo for the headphone usage and can go out to a guitar amp or sound system in mono or stereo. The pickup and electronics cavity have been shielded for playing in public places heavy with electronic devices. You can plug your computer speakers into the guitar. Just unplug them from the back of the sound card and plug them directly into the guitar with the use of the jack adapter provided. This will allow low level, personal amplification that will bring the guitar up enough to play with another acoustic guitar.

DragonFly Electric

The DragonFly Electric SoloEtte

The DragonFlyWe have redesigned the DragonFly to include our SongBird frame and straight-pull pegbox. The gears have been repositioned to allow comfortable right hand clearance and facilitate palm muting technique. This is a performance electric guitar in every way. With two EMG-HZ humbucking pickups as well as an onboard headphone amplifier, this guitar provides a strong performance on stage and for practice. The tone is clear and strong with an aggressive presence and a mellow voice. The volume and tone controls are placed on the top side edge of the guitar along with a toggle switch to select pickups. The disassembling frame allows professional players to perform all over the world with the DragonFly snug in it's soft carry on case. This gem is compact, light weight (only 4.5lbs), and ideal for international touring as well as gigging around town. We are offering this guitar with a Pau Ferro, Maple, Wenge, or a Padauk fingerboard. Ebony is available for an additional $100.00 and 6-8 weeks additional build time.

The Price: $1750.00 plus shipping. Click Here to purchase the DragonFly Electric factory direct

SongBird Jazz

The SongBird Jazz SoloEtte

The SongBird Jazz has a neck position, EMG humbucking pickup for a sweet jazz tone. The Jazz has clear chord tones as well as sweet single notes. The elegant simplicity of the guitar includes jumbo frets and a full 1 3/4" nut width making it a performance instrument in every way. We have included an on-board mono headphone output for practice. The action comes set to proper, low string height and can be adjusted with the Schaller bridge.

The Price: $1500.00 plus shipping. Click Here to purchase the SongBird Jazz factory direct

The SongBird Cutaway Frame assembles to accommodate a comfortable guitar shape in your lap and balances beautifully. The edge outline of the frame allows you to rest the weight of your arm on it so your fingertips will hover over the strings right where you would expect. Because the gears are at the other end, this full sized guitar is 5 inches shorter. This reorientation of the gears creates balance and offers superior tuning access, as described below.

Tuning: Tuning from this end is probably the way it should have been all along, but was not available to standard stringed instruments when tone propagation from thin woods would be hampered by heavy tuning mechanisms. Due to the design of the SoloEtte Guitar, the area behind the bridge is available for tuners. A pegbox fits perfectly here, does not need to tilt back, and can be made stronger and thicker because the strings are spread wider. Our steel string utilizes a straight-pull pegbox which improves tuning and string alignment. It is so nice to hold one string at the 5th fret and keep holding it while you tune the other string until it is perfect. Or tune while holding a chord and keep holding it with your left hand while you tune it perfectly with your right hand.

The Frame is solid ¼ aluminum rod covered w/ black polyurethane tubing.

The Electronics use a 9 volt battery with an easy access battery door. There are two output jacks as well as volume and tone controls.

Body and neck wood is Hard Rock Maple (Acer Saccharum) "Canadian Maple."

Fingerboard wood for our Jazz and DragonFly steel string models is your choice of Pau Ferro, Padauk, Wenge, or Hard Rock Maple. Ebony is available for an additional $100 and 6-8 weeks additional build time.


While Playing

In Case


33 inches 36 inches


6 3/16 inches at widest body point

Full Size w/ frame

11 inches


1" inch thick at thickest point 4 to 5 inches


4 1/2 pounds (1.9Kg) 6 1/8 pounds (2.78Kg), w/ extra strings,
battery, and headphones in case

Scale Length

25 1/2 inches

Nut Width

1-3/4 inches


At Saddle

2 3/16 inches

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