Nylon String SoloEtte Model Specifications


SoloEtte Travel Guitar

The Classical model is dedicated to the details and authenticity required of the practicing classical guitarist. There are exactly 19 frets, no side dot markers, with the scale length of 647.7mm, the nut width is 52mm (2.05"), and the string spacing at the saddle is 57mm (2.25"). The action comes set to the proper classical string height, and can be adjusted.  There is nothing small or hybrid about the neck. It is the full standard classical guitar neck. The assembled frame accommodates the full size Torres classic guitar shape in your lap and balances beautifully. The medium size frame piece, which supports your right arm, is the edge outline of your guitar and you can rest the weight of your arm on it so your fingertips will hover over the strings right where you would expect. The smaller frame piece in the upper left bout tilts back and affects the depth of the guitar. This is a great feature that pushes the guitar forward a bit so it will lie in the proper plane, and not lay back on your chest or point at the ceiling. You do not need to use a guitar strap and the head does not swing down toward the floor every time you let go of the neck, like the other travel guitars. Because the gears are at the other end, this guitar is 5 inches shorter. This reorientation of the gears creates balance and offers superior tuning access, as described below.

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Schaller Tuning Machines Now on All Classics

Schaller Tuning Machines: These lovely tuning machines are a fantastic addition to your SoloEtte. Made in Germany, these tuning machines have solid Ebony buttons with a nickel plate and black rollers. Schaller custom makes these tuning machines specifically for us; therefore, they are not available for retail purchase anywhere in the United States. We have added this set of gorgeous tuning machines to all our Classics.

Tuning from this end is probably the way it should have been all along, but was not available to standard stringed instruments when tone propagation from thin woods would be hampered by heavy tuning mechanisms. Due to the design of the SoloEtte guitar, the area behind the bridge is available for tuners. A Classical guitar pegbox fits perfectly here, does not need to tilt back, and can be made stronger and thicker because the strings are spread wider. It is so nice to hold one string at the 5th fret and keep holding it while you tune the other string until it is perfect. Or tune while holding a chord and keep holding it with your left hand while you tune it.

The pickup is of our own design. It consists of a hollow tube with electronics and baffles inside. This tube forms the saddle. The strings vibrate the air inside the tube which gives it a rounder sweeter sound than piezo style pickups. It is stereo for the headphone usage and can go out to a guitar amp or sound system in mono or stereo. The pickup and the electronics cavity have been shielded for playing in public places heavy with electronic devices. You can plug your computer speakers into the guitar (the adapter jack provided) will allow low level, personal amplification that will bring the guitar up enough to play with another acoustic guitar.

Body wood is Maple or Padauk, one piece, no glue joints. Padauk is from Andaman Islands (India) or Africa. It is a rich cinnamon red-brown wood that is very stable. Also available in Hard Rock Maple (Acer Saccharum) "Canadian Maple". Maple sounds the same as the Padauk models.

The frame is solid 1/4" aluminum rod covered w/ black polyethylene tubing. Click HERE for more information.


While Playing

In Case


33 inches (83.5cm) 35-1/2 inches (90cm)


5 inches w/o frame (12.7cm)

Full Size w/ frame

10 inches (25cm)


Wood body is 15/16th     (23 mm)     4 to 5 inches


3 pounds (1.36Kg) 4 pounds (1.8Kg), w/extra strings, battery, and headphones in case

Scale Length

25.5 inches (647.7mm)

25.5 inches (647.7mm)

Nut Width

2.05" or 52mm

1.83" (=1-27/32") or 46.5mm

Spacing At Saddle


2-3/16 inches

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