Maureen Gibson, Old Mountaineers Cafe, Aoraki Mt Cook, South Island, New Zealand

Rossco Wright, owner and inventor of SoloEtte with Jeff Adams, our bass designer and shop foreman.

Boat in Cambodia


Erika Luckett

GT in Spain


Rossco Wright
Rossco Wright, owner and inventor of SoloEtte.

Elvis Impersonator



Skip Moy - Hong Kong

Flip Gallion - On Board a Tug Boat

Airline Pilot

Kayenta Students - Kayenta, AZ

Kayenta Students - Kayenta, AZ

Sergeant Jimmy Mora - Kuwait

Sergeant Jimmy Mora - Kuwait

David Marks

Nestor Asqui

Muriel Anderson

Scott Morris & Isamu Nakashio

Boy with SoloEtte at NAMM Trade Show

Richard Smith

Steve Trovato & Richard Smith

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