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SoloEtte guitars travel all over the surface of the planet, and beyond, and experience various extremes of humidity and temperature.

The engineering of the SoloEtte allows us to build an instrument that we can guarantee, and you can depend on, all over the world.

A practical solution to a classical problem.

SoloEtte Travel Guitar

The SoloEtte is a solid-construction, disassembling frame-design, travel, practice, & performance guitar.  It plugs directly into stereo headphones or standard amplification equipment.  The frame comes apart and fits into a small carrying case. The features of silent practice and portability, combined with the amplification capabilities provide a bright new innovative concept for the serious musician.

With the volume and tone controls you can adjust the output to be compatible with all headphones, and play through any mic input or CD input on "boomboxes", car stereos, Karaoke machines, etc. Plug into computer speakers, guitar amplifiers and sound systems and control your own tone and volume.

Closeup view of Peg Box/Pickup

Closeup view of Head

The Rhody SoloEtte On The Road


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SoloEtte Travel Guitar

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