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SoloEtte Sound Clips

Sound Clips of the Classic played by Don Latarski

Mono Amp Recordings of the Classic are played through a Quilter Micro Pro 200 MK2 amp without EQ.

Jesu-Bach Stereo Headphone Sound
Jesu-Bach Mono Performance Amp Sound without Reverb
Jesu-Bach Mono w/Reverb Performance Amp Sound with Reverb
Half Moon Stereo Headphone Sound
Half Moon Mono Performance Amp Sound with No Reverb
Half Moon Mono w/Reverb Performance Amp Sound with Reverb
Sarabande-Bach Stereo Headphone Sound
Sarabande-Bach Mono Performance Amp Sound with No Reverb
Sarabande-Bach Mono w/Reverb Performance Amp Sound with Reverb

Sound Clips of the Jazz, DragonFly, and the Rhody played and recorded by Don Latarski

Ceora     (2:29)

Played through an early 1970's Fender Vibrosonic amp with a little of the spring reverb from the amp. No additional EQ was added. Played through the neck pickup only.

Funk Revolution     (2:21)

Don used a huge variety of EQ, compression, distortion, etc. and utilized all the pickup settings on this fun piece of music.

Jazz SongBird Sound Clips:

Jazz Stereo Jack Headphone Sound
Jazz Stereo Jack Headphone Sound
Jazz Stereo Jack Headphone Sound
Jazz Pure Amp Jack Performance Amp Sound w/out Processing
Jazz Processed Amp Jack Performance Amp Sound w/EQ, Reverb, & Compression
Jazz Pure Amp Jack Performance Amp Sound w/out Processing
Jazz Processed Amp Jack Performance Amp Sound w/EQ, Reverb, & Compression

Rhody Sound Clips:

Rhody Steel String Stereo     (0:31)

This is a demo of Rhody Steel String model recorded by Don Latarski. This clip is the sound from the stereo (headphone) output without any added effects.

Rhody Steel String Mono     (0:31)

This is a demo of Rhody Steel String model recorded by Don Latarski. This clip is the sound from the mono (amp) output without any added effects.

Little Thumper Bass Sound Clips:

Little Thumper Fretless demo 1     (1:06)

This is a demo of the Little Thumper Bass model recorded by Jeff Adams

Exceptional SoloEtte Performers

Brandon Bernstein

Brandon Bernstein- Brandon is an adjunct professor at Cypress College, Pasadena City College, and Chaffey College where he teaches jazz guitar and lectures. He also writes for Just Jazz Guitar Magazine and Jazz Improv Magazine where he has his own column and submits reviews. Brandon has co-authored a book released in 2009 on the guitar style of Kurt Rosenwinkel. He released his first album "Solitude" in the fall of 2008. Brandon's latest album, "Innocent When You Dream: Celebrating the Music of Tom Waits," was released in March of 2010. In addition to his articles and lectures, Brandon regularly gigs throughout Los Angeles.

Brandon Bernstein playing the SongBird Jazz.

John StowellJohn Stowell -John is a unique jazz guitarist influenced as much by pianists and horn players as he is by guitarists. His original take on harmony, chords and improvisation sets him apart. As a clinician, John has taught internationally for 30 years in every educational setting. His clinics are informal, hands-on and informative. In addition to music theory and guidelines for improvisation, John shares his professional experience with the business of music. He has been Artist-In-Residence at schools in Germany, Indonesia, Argentina, and in the United States and Canada. He served as assistant director and performer in Oregon Public Broadcasting's PDX Jazz Summit in 1991, and since 1995 has been a contributing columnist for a number of magazines, including Downbeat, Guitar Player, Canadian Musician, Soundcheck (Germany), and Guitar Club (Italy).

Click to listen to John Stowell playing his Nylon SongBird with an RMC pickup.



Gustavo Assis-Brasil

Gustavo Assis-Brasil - Based in Boston, Gustavo Assis-Brasil is considered a major pioneer in organzing the study and development of the Hybrid Picking technique for guitar. In 1999 he received a full scholarship to get his Master's degree at Berklee College of Music and The Boston Conservatory. He has studied with Mick Goodrick, Wayne Krantz, Frank Gambale, Charlie Banacos, and Prasanna. Besides being a renowned performer, composer, recording artist, and author, Gustavo is the director of the Jazz and Contemporary Music Ensembles of The Cambridge School of Weston. He also teaches at Berklee College of Music during the Guitar Sessions. He has performed with artists like John Stowell, Frank Potenza, Richard Smith, Mauricio Zottarelli, Hiromi, Tony Grey (John McLaughlin), Prasanna, Esperanza Spalding, Brett Wilmott, and Tim Ries among others. Check him out at

Gustavo Assis-Brasil performing with the CYO Orchestra playing his Nylon SongBird with the RMC Acoustic Gold pickup.

Gustavo Assis-Brasil performing "The Same Day" playing his Padauk DragonFly.

Don Latarski

Don Latarski- Don Latarski is adjunct instructor and head of guitar studies at the University of Oregon School of Music where he teaches individual guitar lessons and numerous classes. Latarski displays a style that incorporates all American genres from blues and jazz to rockabilly and swing. He has written numerous books on the subject of guitar playing and his recordings have become synonymous with Blues and Jazz.

Erika Luckett

Erika Luckett - Erika (pronounced eddy-kah) Luckett creates a powerful expression of world-inspired music. Poetic and rich, her voice conveys lyrical depth, and her fiery, innovative guitar playing creates an orchestra of sound with only six strings. Growing up in a fluid current of culture, savoring the richness of the Amazon, the urban rhythms of Sao Paulo and the percolating warmth of the Caribbean gave Erika an early appreciation for the interconnectedness of people and cultures. This is an artist whose music and intention are about building bridges, upholding the beauty and depth of our human expression, and inspiring her audience. From her performance at the 20th Anniversary of the Nobel Peace Prize Forum to being honored as "One of the 100 Most Outstanding Women of the Year" by both The Jewish Post and Modern Woman Today Magazine, Erika Luckett shows the power of music to transform and unite people across the planet.

Baka Beyond

Baka Beyond - Formed in 1992 after a visit to the Baka Pygmies in the Cameroon rainforest, Baka Beyond has evolved into a multicultural dance band with members from 6 countries in Africa and Europe. The band has now released six albums. Martin Cradick plays his original model Maple HummingBird in this picture while Mbeh plays our most recent design Cherry HummingBird. Both guitars have Moses Graphite necks for stability during rugged travel.


RealPlayer Files of the HummingBird played by Martin Cradick.

Boulez Boulez      (3:51)

This song is available on the latest Baka Beyond album Rhythm Tree.

Hush Hush    (3:11)

This song is also on the Rhythm Tree album. Check our more Baka Beyond at



Anson WrightAnson Wright - Master guitarist, composer, writer, and educator Anson Wright spent his formative twenties in New York City. A graduate of Princeton, Anson left post-graduate studies at Columbia to pursue his creative visions far from cloistered academia. In addition to pursuing his musical career, Anson completed his novel, Jericho, drove taxi, taught guitar and creative writing, ran a trucking company, and built cabinets. Anson’s early jazz studies began in clinics with the legendary jazz guitarist Howard Roberts. Later teachers on the West Coast included John Stowell and Jerry Hahn, as well as veteran pianist Harry Gillgam. Anson has performed throughout the United States and has worked with numerous jazz luminaries, including Grammy nominated vocalist Nancy King and bassist Glen Moore. With a style often compared to Jim Hall’s, his playing has been lauded as “elegant” and “impressive,” demonstrating what one reviewer calls a “finely honed harmonic intelligence.” Anson’s original guitar compositions have been choreographed and performed in modern dance, and his poetry has been set to modern dance and to music, He has taught at numerous schools, including New York University, Pacific University, and Portland Community College. Anson is an endorsing artist for Hofner guitars.

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