Customer Comments

I wanted to give you feedback on the Rhody - what a fantastic product! The build quality, feel, compact size and of course what it is designed for - discreet practice! Hard not to pick it up and play. What I found was an instant way to improve my strumming technique - something I've always struggled with. With the absence of a sound hole (I've never even tried an electric solid body before), it forces me to concentrate on a more consistent string attack. Likewise, with headphones on, this guitar is unforgiving - in a good way. With the sensitivity to subtle differences with or without a pick, I really have to concentrate on good technique for better sound. I love the acoustic sound, and will enjoy playing through a small amp when visiting/playing with friends.

Mike A. in NJ

Now that I have used my Rhody for a few months' worth of traveling, I thought I'd let you know it is as amazing as ever! I have loved playing this beautiful instrument, right from the very first time I laid hands on it! It's been from NYC to India, and back, 3 times, London 6, and Tel Aviv 3, and barely ever do I need to tune it!! (That also includes commuting flights from Ohio to NYC and back, each time...) We are going to Beijing together at the end of July. After a flight, only maybe 2 strings need slight tuning, while the other 4 are spot on. Quite impressive, indeed. It is nice to be able to strum away in my hotel room, and never disturb a soul. And I'm pleased to be able to buy high quality, USA-made goods. Thanks for creating such an excellent product! Please tell everyone at your shop how pleased I am. :)

Doug777, International Airline Pilot and aspiring bluegrass picker

I've had my Maple Classic SoloEtte for several months now and I like it very much. It allows me to practice in privacy when my wife and I stay in an apartment on the ocean and I don't have to worry about how fragile it is or what the hygrometer says. I went for the tuner upgrade and I'm glad I did. Very nice tuners at a reasonable price. The guitar sounds great and the neck contour is perfect, very comfortable to play. Wonderful instrument!

Leonard in South Carolina

I travel with my Soloette regularly and wanted to give a couple of examples of reactions to it.

On numerous occasions while waiting for my plane, I have had people show a real interest in it due to the portability, and once they hear it, I have a difficult time getting it back from them. In one guitar store, the sales person was playing it and FORGOT he was there to sell guitars. On yet another occasion, I was noodling while the person who was playing the gig took a break. Upon his return he happened by where I was sitting and noticed the Soloette, remarking “ Hey, that’s a guitar”. I let him listen to it and to make a long story short he borrowed it to play the remainder of his gig. As it turned out, the place was packed with other guitar players and I totally ran out of the cards I carried at the time.

To summarize, the only thing I find to be necessary is to simply have it out for people to get excited about it and want to know more... or to put it another way; “ Try it, you’ll LOVE it."

Bruce Smith, Santee, CA

I wanted to let you know that I received the guitar on Saturday. Here's my review so far: I couldn't be happier with the choice of mahogany for the body and wenge for the neck- just beautiful. Although I'm still breaking in the new strings, I must say that the tone of this guitar is far superior to any of the other travel guitars I have owned (at least five).

Amazingly, it not only feels like the profile of my other arch top guitars but recreates the feeling of depth as well. This was clearly designed by someone who regularly plays.

Finally, I chose the deluxe travel case, sight unseen. The insides of this case consists of lush red velvet....

In summary, I'm very happy with my purchase and would highly recommend it to anyone who travels but also as a very reasonable choice for one's everyday guitar.

Many thanks for producing such a quality guitar.

Larry Jacobson

I have been playing Soloette instruments since 1997, in addition to other guitars. It becomes obvious to any long-term user of a classical Soloette that he/she has added a powerful musical tool to one's sound arsenal. A guitarist's original Soloette purchase intention (in getting a travel/practice instrument) results in having a headphone-accessible stereo instrument that sounds like an enhanced acoustic guitar. The tone of the amplifier output signal is not the same as when you mike a good acoustic guitar, but it yields a unique and sustained tone that is diverse and excellent in its own right. With sampling devices added to the chain of tone controls, the possibilities are only limited by the playing skills of the musician. Without a doubt, every serious guitarist should try to gain access to a Wright Guitar Technologies Soloette.


I received my beautiful Classical Padauk travel SoloEtte on Wednesday 27 June 2012. I am in awe of the work of art that was so carefully wrapped and shipped to me, the rich timbre of the Padauk, abalone fret markers and frame all came together in an amazing instrument that sounds great acoustically without even the wonderful Grado headsets. The warmth to me of the tone through the headsets is great and the comfort of the frame design is brilliant. I had no trouble holding the guitar as the shape does give the feeling of holding a solid bodied classical guitar. The frames are ingenious as the guitar balances so well, no slippage and easy to tune. I will be more than proud to promote the SoloEtte Classical wherever I travel. Thank you to all the team at Wright Guitar Technology and Vanessa for her wonderful Customer Service. Fedex was great to as my shipment came to my door, very well cared for all the way.

Maureen Gibson, New Zealand

I'm in a hotel room in Jackson, MI and have my new SoloEtte on the "road" for the first time. The guitar fit beautifully in the overhead of the plane and the strap on the deluxe case makes it easy to hang from my shoulder and still drag my suitcases.

I have been the room for about an hour and it performs GREAT! Sometimes I don't bother plugging the headphones in and it still serves the purpose without disturbing any neighboring rooms.

Gerry Wagner, New York

I've been spending a lot of time with the little thumper and I thought to pass on more of my impressions...First of all, I'm still very impressed with the material and sound quality of this thing. The sound is amazing and very convenient to play. In fact, I've been playing more since I got this thing because it's so easy to just pick up and play and not bother the wife. We've also had dramatic changes in weather of late and so far the neck has been behaving. Well done on that part. I've been very impressed in particular with the finish on the neck. It's extremely comfortable and smooth to play and the fretwork is the best I've seen in a long time.

Koon Ang, Australia

I took my SoloEtte to the jungle (100%humidity), where it performed flawlessly! I was able to keep up my normal practice schedule while traveling and I had absolutely NO problems on airline flights with it. I even took it aboard a TAME flight to Coca, Ecuador. I was concerned that since carry on luggage was extremely limited, that there might be a problem carrying it aboard. But there was no problem at all. (In fact, someone on the flight had a full size guitar and put that in the overhead compartment). On my flight back from Quito to Miami, the flight crew stopped me at the door (I almost had a heart attack).... I thought they were going to make me check it because it was a crowded flight, but instead, they had me put it in the front closet so it wouldn't be jostled by luggage in the overhead! Traveling with the SoloEtte has been great. I got a lot of practice in during the 5 hour layover in Miami!

We had a lot of time in Miami on the way down, too.... and in one of the electronics places at the airport, they had small speakers. I think they are meant for use with an iPod or something. Anyway, my husband got me an iLuv speaker (it has a small amp and runs on AAA batteries) so he could hear me practice while we were on our trip. I ended up playing a little concert for our little group of intrepid travelers. It was nice to have the little speaker so I didn't have to use the headphones.

Ronna E.

With the Soloette guitar, we crew now have the perfect "Yachting Instrument", it's light, compact and silent to others when using the head phones.  But it can be plugged into just about anything for entertaining.  It plays and sounds great as well.

Delos Gurney, Captain of "Apoise"

Just to let you know, I am loving this guitar.  However I thought I would wait a few days to let 'new guitar love' fade a bit before writing any comments for you to post or for a Harmony-Central review.  That being said, I am still blown away by the flawless execution and exquisite materials that went into this guitar.  The macassar ebony fretboard I sent you is an obvious winner, and thank you so much for agreeing to use it in the construction of this beautiful instrument.  It is indeed a work of art, a labor of love, I can clearly see that...Being a work of art, form follows function, and when you plug the guitar into an amp, she literally comes alive, and what a singing voice, in every register!  I think the passive EMG-HZs (I removed the battery, and it still played through my amp) complement the instrument perfectly.  The reviews of the EMGs are all over the map, so it depends on what you are listening for.   This is a jazz guitar, and the neck pickup delivers that smooth and silky fat tone.  The middle detente provides an amazing dual humbucker vintage tone, and the bridge just plain rocks.  A very versatile performance guitar, and one that breaks down for travel without compromising the neck-body construction.

Oh, did I mention the fretwork?  Impeccable!  I have custom shop guitars from a major manufacturer that don't play as smooth as this.  The rounding and smoothing of the fret ends is unparalleled and makes this instrument a joy to play. The guitar is a wonderful piece, and she hasn't been back in the case yet since she arrived this past Tuesday.

David Lopez in California

Have I told you lately how much I love my Soloette? Honestly, and as you well know, this is a fantastic guitar.  Even though I will never be Sharon Isbin in this lifetime, I know this instrument is helping me get better on the guitar.  I am not sure if I ever told you, but I am really a beginner or beginner-intermediate on the guitar, despite my grand old age (66).  I am working with two different for for classical.  I'll bet I love to practice more than anyone.  I take the Soloette with me to work, and for lunch you will find me in the twilight zone with guitar and headphones, happily doing some chord changes and/or practicing scales. Sometimes at home, I still continue to play the Soloette, despite the fact I own three very fine's right up there with the best of them.

Vicki B

Just wanted to drop you a line on how much I am enjoying my Classical Soloette Guitar. It has been everywhere with me, from Moscow, all over Europe, South America and Africa and a really crazy place called New York:) The guitar is durable for extensive travel and plays great no matter where I go. I rarely have to tune it which is unlike traditional guitars. It holds up to the pressure and temperature remarkably.

Jay C of Ann Arbor, MI

I wanted to say 'thank you' for making the Soloette! I traveled 60,000 miles + globally this year and the Soloette is a WONDERFUL companion! I keep it out in my living room for those late night and early morning 'noodles' (my wife thanks you too!) and it accompanies me on Boy Scout outings. This is a fine instrument and an excellent vehicle for drifting away into that musical getaway! I highly recommend this guitar to any serious musician- whether they travel or not. It beats ALL the imitators by a mile.

Bill in Cincinnati

In the 12 years or so I have owned a Soloette, I have had many OUTSTANDING experiences with it. As far as reliability, I have NEVER had a problem of any kind. Playability is well covered in the other customer comments on your site, and I find that the only limitation to the guitar and what can be done is my imagination. If ever there was a perfect guitar and company marriage, it is the Soloette...


Just a note to let you know how much your nylon travel guitar has helped my guitar playing over the last 8 years. Being able to haul it around to work and on trips with me while not having to worry about it sitting in the car in the middle of the winter or summer, has opened up so much more playing time for me that it really has made a difference in my playing. Not only has your guitar stood up to a lot of things I wouldn't dream of doing to a normal guitar, it also plays and sounds equally great. Along with the extra practice, I've also used it with a small portable amp to play for many small informal occasions (where it also strikes up some interesting comments - musical tennis racket etc). I definitely think it is one of the best things I've done for my playing, I love my SoloEtte.

Jeff, Ohio

...As I get used to the neck, I'm liking it more and more. I wonder what I'll think of my other guitars when I get back, meanwhile I was able to play for hours on the airplane--a first for me and I've been playing it every chance since I arrived in London. I love this guitar!

Evan E., Connecticut

I got to tell you that guitar sounded absolutely great! I got a lot of complements from the audience and our music director. Last year I used it also through the Super Reverb in the show "Big" real tough score with lots of jazz progressions in slow ballads. The playability of the neck made it easy especially when you are in the third hour of the last show on Sunday night after six shows that week. What the guitar has given me is the uniquely different sound from everyone else playing these shows the exact same way year after year. Who would play jazz on a nylon string guitar through a Fender Super Reverb vintage amp? But it works, especially when the pit has a string section. The sounds complement each other really well. Hope I didn't get too long winded, but I love telling people about the fun I'm having playing your guitar. I have a few very expensive custom guitars, O...., B...., M...., that don't even get out of their cases any more because the SoloEtte is simply more fun to play."


I have been playing guitar for over 25 years and have played many guitars in my time.

My guitar plays incredible, sounds great and has great intonation unlike my former travel guitar. Also it is equipped with stereo. I will be working with this instrument for many years to come.

Mark, California

When I purchased your acoustic steel string Hummingbird, I had no idea how smooth the neck would be! The feel, fretwork, and action was absolutely perfect, comparable to my high end handmade acoustics. The body framework is so clever, with the ergonomic angles fooling your brain into thinking you have a deep bodied guitar. Another unexpected delight is the actual connection I can feel to the instrument when I play. The upper frame bout rests against my chest and I can literally feel the subtle vibrations of the strings through my heart when I play. Talk about getting close to your instrument! I used to hate traveling for long periods of time because I couldn't practice, but on my last week long business trip, I had no problems carrying my Hummingbird and stowing it in the aircraft's overhead compartment. It really was a lifesaver being able to play music away from home on such a well-crafted professionally built guitar.

Yon, Arizona

This is one wonderful guitar! I played it last thursday night with the Xtet at Bombs Away, and loved it! It has fantastic sustain - I think the best of any guitar I own. I can get a huge range of sounds out of it, from nice and mellow to bright and bold.

I played it accompanying a female vocalist on ballads, and with trumpet on bebop tunes, and it really shone. After the gig I had a swarm of young guitar players arching their necks to get a closer look!...The DragonFly definitely catches peoples' eyes.

I think my other guitars are a little jealous, as they haven't been out of their cases for a week.

Thank you all for putting so much of yourselves into these instruments. It is wonderful to own something that is made with such obvious care and pride. Good on ya! I'm happy to be associated with such a great product and good folks.

John Bliss of the John Bliss Xtet, Corvallis, Oregon

I have an amazing story to tell about my Soloette. I traveled for over a year all around India and the Far East. That Guitar survived all that life could throw at it, including Tempretures of 49 Degree's, The Monsoon rain of Southern Sri Lanka. A, I was in the middle of a War zone in Sri Lanka.

My Soloette also came in handy as a defense weapon once, it's the perfect shape, it's kinda clublike!!...I will never part with this Guitar, there are far too many memories attached to it....

I have used the soloettein the studio on most recording sessions, and not only as a guitar. I found that she has a fantastic Bass sound if you sample it and take the pitch down an octave. I have performed all kinds of tricks with this so called travel guitar. The Soloette is not only a piece of's a dam good guitar....

The SoloEtte was an integral part of Karma Bonita. It's easy to pick up and play, it's stays in tune (rare), it's comfortable to hold....and the sound is amazing and so easy to manipulate with a PC. There is NO buzz or strange humming noises etc and most of the FX used in the KB recordings were FX made with the really is an amazing instrument.

Kevin Kearney with the band Karma Bonita in Mexico

I received and played my new Soloette Hummingbird last night, and I was duly impressed. It is a musical and technical marvel. I need ten hours a day for a week to break the novelty of playing this instrument (which, of course, I will never get). It is heavier than I thought it would be, but not heavy enough to be uncomfortable. As an assembled instrument it is much more stable than the nylon string Soloette, and I could probably leave it assembled in a thick, high-quality gig bag if necessary (to be able to pack lots more junk along with it), without worrying about damaging it.

Through headphones the guitar's tone is very bright, even with the EQ set to the bass side. However, through a good amp system, adding a big low end made it sound like a wonderful jazz guitar with bright upper voices. I really like this instrument (and of course my wife mentioned that I had better like it after spending this much on it), and I will enjoy working with it. To a guitarist, a guitar is the voice through which we speak and sing. Every guitar has a different voice with different capabilities. I have limited myself to working with a few different instruments, and for what I want this steel string guitar to sound like, it is perfect. The Hummingbird's accuracy and clarity make it a terrific performance instrument as well as a pleasure to practice with in private. It is quite attractive, too, and is physically very comfortable.

Jay in New Jersey

I just returned from my first airplane trip with my Soloette guitar and wanted to let you know how happy and pleased I was with it. I had no problems bringing it on the planes and it was quite the conversation piece in the airport terminals. I also am impressed with its playability and really enjoyed being able to play daily while away on a business trip. I even enjoy playing it at home! Thank you for a good product.

Tom, Michigan

I've had my SoloEtte about 8-10 years. It's still one of the best instruments ever made. Thanks for being around.

Joe Gianono - Arranger, Composer for Orchestra, Film and Recording.

During my stay at a friends home, I had the chance to test one of your incredible guitars and was very impressed with it. Its total small dimensions, the idea of being able to play (with earphone) even if around you there is normal activity like TV, children, etc, and the possibility (maybe the most important) to play and practice during long flying trips. During my first trip over the Ocean I had to see a lot of movies and heard a lot of music, but if only I had had a SoloEtte with me, well, it would have been very different!

Antonio, Italy

I've been meaning to write for some time about how great an instrument the SoloEtte classical is. Although meant as a travel/practice instrument, I use it regularly when playing out. Art openings can get noisy and the SoloEtte thru a trace Elliott at-30 gives me the right amount of volume. Comments are always how much the SoloEtte sounds like a real guitar. I have nothing but praise for the instrument. thanks again.

William, New York

I bought a SoloEtte a few weeks ago and love it!! I often pick it up rather than my $10,000 concert guitar. Great idea and great product. Thanks from me and from my guitar teacher.

Bob, Virginia

My husband saw the SoloEtte last week while flying across the country. The person next to him pulled the guitar out and my husband took notice. He listened to it and instantly knew he had to get this for me. When I first opened the box I was a bit confused as to why he would have purchased such a strange looking guitar, but I figured I would give it a try. Before I realized that it required the headphones, I was wondering what possessed him. Then I plugged in a set of headphones and I flipped! This was exactly the guitar I have been searching for. I play it through my Trace amp and my California Blondie and it sounds like the best Nylon string Acoustic. Now I need to go out and get a really good set of fold up headphones that can take with me. I'm really impressed!

Susan, N. J.

I'm completely head over heels over my nylon string Soloette. I've had it for about 2 1/2 years and I'm never without it when I travel. I always practice with it in my hotel rooms, but sometimes I play the thing on trains, planes and airport gates. On occasion I actually use it to play out. So many people have commented on it. I've been such an advocate of the thing I almost feel like I'm either a traveling advertisement or a roving distributor. I'm constantly advising folks on the guitar newsgroups about the SoloEtte. Keep up the great work.

Marty, New Jersey

I have been playing my SoloEtte for a month now and it is everything I expected and more. I travel a lot and my new SoloEtte allows me to practice on the road. I am impressed with the Quality and how well it holds tuning. I take the output in to a ZOOM PS-02 and get some great electric sounds.

Dan, Arkansas

I'm thoroughly enjoying the playability and handiness your exquisitely designed instrument provides me.

Lew, New Mexico

What a nice instrument. I am a designer myself and I can tell you that this instrument is a work of art. The design is awesome..... wow! It's perfect for my lunch hour at work and while I am traveling. I just want to thank you all for the very exceptional service. I now can spend my holidays practicing those studies from Sor and Brouer while my wife drives the car. Four hours of fun.

Montreal, Canada

I wanted to let you know that I received the SoloEtte yesterday afternoon!!! It is an INCREDIBLE and MAGNIFICENT instrument!!! I listened to it through small Sony Walkman headphones as well as through my computer speakers � it sounds GREAT!!! Finally, the guitar is really comfortable and easy to hold. Thanks again for making me a wonderful guitar!!!!!

John, Pennsylvania

I received my GraduEtte the day before yesterday. I've now had a chance to play it the past two evenings. I am very impressed. The design is simple and elegant, assembly and disassembly take only seconds, the guitar is very comfortable to play, the sound through the headphones is good, and the guitar appears to be nearly indestructible. I'd also like to compliment you on the service that I received.

John, Connecticut

I just wanted to say "thank you" for my guitar. I own several classical guitars but have always been complaining that I don't have time to practice. My wife just recently bought me a GraduEtte for our 6th anniversary and I must say I am impressed. This thing has already become part of my "take to work package" along with my briefcase. It gives me a chance to practice (I'm a beginner at best) and relax a little during my lunch hour and when I'm traveling. This is a great idea, that sounds great and will travel with me everywhere.

Lee, Texas

Received the Soloette today and logged six hours on it. Could not put it down till now. Very happy with the product. Showed it to guitar instructor and he wants one too. Could not be more pleased.

Donald, Massachusetts

I just wanted to tell you what a joy it is owning your instrument. I have been studying Classical Guitar at Juilliard's Evening division for the past year and recently purchased a wonderful handmade instrument. However one of my favorite summer activities is finding a nice secluded bench in Central Park and working on my Villa-Lobos. The SoloEtte allows me the freedom and piece of mind to practice outdoors with a quality instrument with the same great feel as my main guitar. The sound quality is great and the weight and collapsibility of the instrument make a joy to travel with. Thanks to your product, my tremelo should be sounding great by the end of the summer (if I could just get people to pass by me without asking "what is that thing?

Dexter, New York

I have just bought your GraduEtte from Luthier Music Corp in NYC a few days ago. The dealer was kind enough to let me order by mail, play it for a day and decide whether to keep or return. Needless to say, I am an extremely satisfied customer to both your company and Luthier Music. I like everything about the guitar.

Akarin, New York

I have taken it on a couple trips and am very pleased with the overall quality. Being gone every week, it's really been a boost for my practice routine. Nice job on your product. Thanks again for your help.

Ray, Arizona

I purchased a steel-string Soloette awhile back, #2165, and have been really happy with it. It is great to be able to practice whatever I feel like playing, however repetitive or mistake-ridden, without having to worry about annoying my wife! She would thank you if she had any idea of what she has missed. I have been very impressed by the quality and workmanship of the SoloEtte.

Geoff, California

I once heard Les Paul say that his guitar was his best friend, mistress and psychiatrist. I think every guitar player would agree. I can honestly say that the SoloEtte has been a "lifesaver" for someone like me who is forced to be on the road all the time. I won't leave home without it!

Paul, Washington

Mine was one of the first models and it has been my best travel companion ever since. My SoloEtte's as good as any classical guitar I've had. I've taken it on the road with me all over the US, Europe and Asia because it's perfect to play in hotel rooms and on the tour bus, not to mention the superb sounds I get when recording with it.


I have managed to put some miles on my SoloEtte's odometer! Everywhere I have traveled, from Europe to Asia to Australia, I have made friends using the SoloEtte as a calling card. It never fails to break the ice, even when language serves no purpose other than to confuse. I wish I had a nickel for every time I got a knowing glance from another SoloEtte owner, usually in an air terminal. As a solution to a problem the SoloEtte is elegant, playable, and compact. I would never leave home without it.

Elvin, New York

The SoloEtte guitar you sent me is "way" cool. Within 2 minutes after plugging it in and tuning it I knew that you guys had sent me a product of outstanding quality. Now, going on a trip is no excuse not to play. I should have bought this guitar years ago when I first saw a guy playing one on TV.


I purchased a SoloEtte Steel String directly from you. I have around 25 acoustic guitars in my guitar room. Since bringing my SoloEtte into the room, I find that I play the standard acoustic guitars less and less (absolutely true). I run the SoloEtte output into a portable LR Braggs Parametric EQ and then into the Korg toneworks PX3 (a portable Personal Effects Processor) and then into the Sony earphones. Amazing Sound, I love the action of the Moses graphite neck and the ease of traveling with a personal portable guitar. Keep up the great work.

Steve, Oregon


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